We focus on horses!


  • Dominant white mare with a charming presence. Tricky to keep confined, so we’ve installed a keypad lock on her stable.
  • Her new door code is now


  • His favorite color is .
  • Our glorious tall white stallion, with remarkable speed and intelligence. Quite the troublemaker—perhaps too smart for his own good!

  • Our silly roan filly at 14hh, she is surprising us with her strength and agility for dressage.
  • We love her to bits, and it’s hard not to spoil her with too much of her favorite treat-oats smothered in molasses!

  • A chestnut filly with a steady gait, she was one of our first horses.
  • Can be a bit high strung at night, but we found playing the radio in the barn quiets her down. She loves water and can be found soaking in our local pond during hot days.